We have:

  • Added new fields
  • Added pop-up screens
  • Modified business logic
  • Integrated other software packages
  • Created outside applications
  • Developed import programs
  • Created export applications

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Synergy Customizations

SynergyExpert.com Follow this link to our sister website for www.SynergyExpert.com that has more information on specific customizations that we have completed with other customers.

legosExact Software has created their software knowing that no single program will fit 100% of every customer’s requirements out-of-the-box. Most businesses have some unique requirement that they need for their day to day operations.

When developing the software, Exact has examined where customers might need to enhance their product and have added integration touch points that allow personalizations by its business partners. With the Exact Software Developers Kit (SDK), we are able to add custom fields, provide screen pop-ups, integrate other software packages and display information.

An important point to note: Exact does not allow outside developers (even The Donas Group Inc) to modify source code. This means that when personalizations have been created, customers may move to newer versions without expensive rewritting of their custom applications.

This is quite beneficial to customers, which allows them to keep current with new product enhancements that are delivered by Exact Software.

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