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12 Steps to a Succesful Implementation

We will manage your implementation of new software ( Macola ES, Progression, Globe or Synergy) with a well-integrated team that has the benefit of an intimate working knowledge of your business.  We will make sure that everything is completed properly.  At the same time, making your project team members heroes within the organization for accomplishing a well done process.

All members of the implementation team will actively participate in implementation planning sessions and attend project progress meetings.  Once the implementation is complete, we continue to support you with our local help desk, staff that has direct knowledge and documentation of your implementation, and access to the consultants who know your business intimately.

Each of our professionals has met stringent educational qualifications and certifications. We are committed to bringing your specific implementation to fruition. Many of our consultants are APICS certified or have expertise in other business processes.

These credentials, along with years of business experience and experience implementing systems across the spectrum of financial, service, distribution and manufacturing environments, make us a highly capable complement to your own management team in ensuring implementation success.

From defining objectives and developing a detailed implementation strategy to providing training and follow-up support, The Donas Group, Inc. has the technical and business skills necessary to guide you through every phase of the project.