web33Distributors, Manufacturers or Professional Service providers  that use Macola Progression, Macola ES or Globe will find our team approach to support very beneficial to your organization.   We can support you when:

  • You need periodic assistance when software issues arise
  • New functionality is added by Exact Software, and you need assistance with these features
  • Employees need training, as they change roles within the organization
  • Additional Crystal Reports or SQL Reporting Services Reprts need to be developed
  • Customizations need to be created or modified, as business processes have changed
  •  You may wish to add the Synergy module and need implementation and training
  • You may need other third party companion solutions
  •  You may need to move your system to new servers, add more computers to your network or receive other network services

And there are hundreds of other reasons you may have needing assistance from The Donas Group.  Contact us to discuss your support requirements.