From remote monitoring to special projects, The Donas Group is your IT Network business partner to meet the ever changing needs and challenges your company faces.

Monitoring your systems provides continual support to recognize and re mediate problems before they turn into an issue throughout the entire organization resulting in loss productivity and profits. 

Special projects cover a wide range of activities to meet your current and future business objectives.

Aspects of our services include:

  • Remote monitoring & management; internal, external, multi-location.
  • Backup Disaster Recovery & IT Business Continuity.
  • Systems procurement and development.
  • E-mail & Web hosting.
  • Internet/e-mail policy development & managing.
  • Network consulting & design.
  • And More. . . .

Fill out the form on this page to schedule an IT Network Review or call 866-227-0221.  We will come out to analyze and report on the health of your system.

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