prog2esThe Progression Software that you may be currently using may be adequate for your immediate needs.   However you are finding that to add other functionality that can help grow the business, means that it may not be possible due to the technology that was used when Progression was created and its limitations.

Or that it would cost more to build the applications in Progression, than it would be to create it in Macola ES.   Or I want new functionality that is already incorporated within Macola ES.  It can be other reasons like this that says to your organization – “Let’s move to Macola ES.”

We have been doing Progression to Macola ES integrations since 2003 for customers.  Not only converting the data fields to a new database, but assisting customers in learning the new functionality of Macola ES.  We have done over 30 of these conversions, each with its unique challenges.  This experience is useful when you may wish to convert.

Contact us to assist you with your move to Macola ES.