Synergy ManualsOur organization is known throughout the Synergy User Community for its expertise with the product. We have been an active participant and presenter at various conferences demonstrating functionality for Synergy.

As a result of our expertise, we have built various tools that can be used by Synergy customers. Our most popular is our CRM EventPak which provides account management functionality that other software packages wish they had. Using this EventPak, customers can begin using Synergy in days, not weeks or months. We have also created EventPaks for Preventative Maintenance applications.

Our manuals were developed after our customers asked us for assistance. We saw a void of manuals by Exact for specific topics and have published them. Some of our most common manuals include our “Effectively Using Reqest Fields”, “Creating and Using Projects”, and “Creating Portals”.

Your organization can find more details on our “Tools & Manuals” at our website.


"The book was very helpful and I have been successful at creating a few pages."

Charlie R.

"The Manuals that you have created have given us the ability to learn more functions within Synergy. We were excited to see the manual on workflow fields and how they may be used within a request. This one manual has saved me many hours of my development time because I knew what fields to use and what I could expect from the values in the SQL database. Thank you for creating these documents."