Computer-Training-TSYou should expect improved work performance as a result of the time, energy, and money that your organization invests in training? You just need to pay attention to:

  • Who presents the training
  • What experience they have with the software
  • How the training is presented
  • The role you expect from your employees

Many times employees have complaints about training such as “I don’t have time”; “it’s a waste of time” or “my boss won’t let me do anything that I learn anyway.”  A successful training program will make complaints such as these disappear.

We find it more beneficial if your employees receive small amounts of content, based on a couple of well-defined objectives. Spread sessions out, perhaps a couple of hours per week, until the subject matter is learned.

This allows your employees to practice the concepts in between the training sessions.  The content of the training and the application of the concepts need to be reinforced at each training session.  This also allows people to discuss their successes and difficulties in applying the training in their actual work session.  The instructor can help participants practice the content by providing assignments that are debriefed at the next meeting.

Depending upon the size of your organization and the content that you wish to have covered, we may recommend one-on-one sessions or small groups of employees doing similiar tasks.

Synergy Trainings

The most common trainings that we provide customers include:

  • Introductions to Synergy Applications
  • What is Workflow?
  • How can I Build our Own Workflow?
  • Implementing Document Management for ISO
  • Utilizing Project Management
  • Tracking Sales & CSR activities
  • Using Searches and Pivot Reports
  • Building Start Pages
  • Managing Security
  • How to Create Portals?