For your B2B and B2C solutions, our software provides a simple order entry for your customers, distributors, drop shippers or certified dealers.

Business Activity Manager
Monitor and proactively provide notifications using e-mails or Synergy workflows, manipulate database fields and create Crystal Reports without manual intervention.

Warehouse Management
Providing a real time material management soltion for your receiving, cycle counting,shipping and pallet management needs.

Data Analysis / Dashboards
Real time display of vital business metrics, and detailed analysis with the click of a mouse..

Visual Production Scheduling
Through the graphical planning screen, a single point of reference is provided to view all information needed to make effective planning decisions for your manufacturing operations.

Shipping Integration
The bi-directional interface with your Macola Software will streamline your shipment processing.

Data Masons EDI
When your organization requires EDI integration into your Macola Software, Data Masons is ready..

legosMany businesses have some requirements that they need for their day to day operations.  However their Exact Software solution does not solve this issues with their out-of-the box product.

With a close working partnership with our organization, together we can find solutions to make your work processes efficent.  In some cases, software development can be completed by our programmers to create new programs, modify existing software or create links to other business software.

Other times you may find that your needs are best served by using a  best of breed application which have been already integrated with Exact Software.  An example of this would be your UPS WorldShip or FedEx Ship Manager application.  In this case, applications have  been previously developed for other customers and the interface is available with Exact software from multiple solution providers.

Additionally there are a number of other organizations, including our company that have created niche solutions to enhance the functionality and features of Exact Software modules with other customers.   We stay abreast of the products that have been developed and can provide these solutions for you.

Communicating your ideas and requirements with The Donas Group will allow us determine which solutions can meet your requirements.