calendar boardDoes your production scheduling look like this image.  If so, this is the time to speak with our staff to discuss integrated scheduling.

Fully integrated Visual Planner will drive the optimization of the production process, providing the control required for effective planning and resource management.

Through Visual Planner’s graphical planning screen, a single point of reference is provided to view all the information needed to make effective planning decisions (Departments, Work Centers, calendars, product details, order details, free capacity, material requirements and availability).

With manual systems, it is impossible to bring all this information together into a single coordinated view.  Once installed, you will immediately see your live data and will be able to drill down into information that includes orders, stock availability, trial kit list, captured bill of materials, order properties, production reports and much more.

In addition, you have the ability to instantly write data back into your system confirming production schedules.  This helps you achieve complete unison with your purchasing plans and enables you to produce reliable up to the minute production plans.  Complimenting the scheduler is the Lynq Labor Tracking module which allows time to be tracked on the production floor, flowing immediately into your software and having data available to make business decisions.



“As our business has grown, we realized that the way we were managing our production scheduling, with manual spreadsheets and a reliance on subjective knowledge, was not efficient, productive or business smart.

We decided to implement Master Scheduling/Material Requirements Planning. While we are very happy with the MS / MRP package, the addition of the Lynq Planner package has really leveraged the benefits of MRP and maximized our productivity.

It is a significant part of our new production planning process. It has given us the ability to easily schedule products and move production around if we need to rearrange based on demand. It also allows us to see exactly where each of our production facilities is on the production schedule, including individual lines.

It has sped up the planning process, eliminated our manual schedules and given us much-improved visibility of the overall production schedule. This has been a great product for us and an excellent investment that maximizes the productivity of our MS / MRP system”.

Terry G. - Donas Customer