"Instead of having to export our shipment information into WorldShip, we now have the databases linked with our StarShip software. All orders are instantly available for shipping and shipping information is now passed back to our software.

Your idea of having tracking information sent automatically to our customers via e-mails has allowed our CSRs to have more time for their other responsibilities. Thanks for your recommendations."

scaleV-Technologies has been developing integrated shipping solutions since 1989.

Their products provide integration for sharing information across your business, from the shipping room, to customer service and accounting.

These two products, each with specific features are used by many Donas customers seeking to integrate their shipment data directly into their software modules.

Their bi-directional interface streamlines the entire workflow to gain immediate efficiencies in shipment processing, accounts receivable and customer service.  The ShipGear module all0ws a shipping person to shop for best available rates among carriers that you allow them to choose from.

For customers utilizing the ShipGear solution, freight rules can be created by order totals, customer type, package count or other software rules.  Some customers elect to set a minimum or maximum freight amounts or base their calculation due to a value in a field in the order.