Fire smokeWorking with the KnowledgeSync Event Manager for over fifteen years, the Donas Group Inc. has found this tool to be crucial to enhancing the efficiencies of our accounts.

Think, in your organization, do you have time to constantly review all of the data in your database and manually act on it?  And at the same time?  In the majority of businesses, the answer is “No.”  The amount of time needed for this task is simply not available.

The Event Manager tool can be thought of as a smoke alarm constantly watching for trouble.  Business rules can be developed and the tool will periodically scan the database looking for these issues or opportunities.  As a result of the Event Manager finding these issues or opportunities, then actions can be made automatically without staff intervention.  Keeping you on top of your business activities.

Some common exammples could include:

  • The mailing an acknowledgement to a client when they place an order
  • Faxing a purchase order to a supplier when stock runs low
  • Scheduling a sales rep to follow-up with a prospect who hasn’t been contacted
  • Taking an incoming email and creating a support ticket

The Event Manager automates these processes – across your organization – as the industry’s leading Business Activity Monitoring solution.  This is an essential tool for accounts using Synergy and Exact’s Back Office software packages.


“I was floored by what Event Manager could do and I immediately contacted my Exact channel partner, The Donas Group.”

Upon seeing Exact Event Manager for the first time, our customer realized that it could transform the way his sales force approached data.

Rather than chasing after data, their sales reps would have important information automatically pushed to them. They could define precisely what thresholds, condition or exceptions triggered the delivery 0f meaningful, pertinent data.

A change in a customer’s status in Synergy automatically triggers Event Manager to notify the relevant salespeople via email.

And “Account Relations” details, which sales representatives had previously been requesting manually from their IT staff, are now automatically emailed every week.

Within six months of the implementation, the Event Manager has sent over 20,000 information-packed emails.

David R. - Donas Customer