“From the up-to-the-minute movement information of our stock, to reducing order processing error and effort, to more rapid turnaround of back orders, WiSys has improved the operation of many areas of our business,” says Judy.

“We know we’ve improved our efficiency by 50%, so we’re now shipping 50% more with the same staff – and we’ve stopped the costly where’s–the-stock” game.”

Judy M.

Bar CodeThe WiSys Warehouse Management (WMS) is to control the movement, storage and accounting of materials and finished goods throughout the warehouse.

This software allows the recording of material as it arrives on the receiving dock, when material is moved within the warehouse as well as shipping for sales order fulfillment.

Other transactional functions have been added where they assist in better inventory management or are an integrated role to materials management such as Cycle Counting and Pallet Management.

Benefits of the WMS solution include:

  • Shortening order turnaround times
  • Higher inventory accuracy
  • Increased order fill rates
  •  Improved shipment accuracy

This translates to lower costs and higher productivity for Acumatica customers.