“Our Putting Customers First” is the driving force behind all companies…with technology and the Internet, you can interact with customers and deliver value more efficiently and effectively that keeps them coming back.

In today’s highly competitive environment, customers are raising the bar on a number of fronts, including product customization, delivery speed,  individualized packaging options, and customized service.  They expect to talk to anyone in the organization and have a sense of community knowledge about who they are.

In order to better serve customers, your staff needs to identify past and current customer service issues, communications, order status, order fulfillment history and product availability.  All of this data must be instantly available to your staff, so they can better assist your customers.

With Exact Software Synergy module, your staff will be able to:

  • Access Account information such as contacts, correspondence, transactions and activities from a single point
  •  View this information anywhere, via a secured web browser from your intranet or internet
  • Schedule and generate automatic communications or follow-ups to accounts
  • Provide portals for accounts to review information or request follow-up
  • Manage marketing campaigns to accounts