flowchartSynergy’s workflow connects all the aspects and data of your company.

Workflow is a flexible framework in which all business practices can be structured, standardized, planned and controlled. Using workflow requests will quickly distribute tasks to the correct employees (or roles), track the progress of each task and report on the results.

With Synergy, it is expected to maximize your Return on Investment (ROI) that all your corporate data is stored centrally such as human resources management information, customer/prospect files, catalog, projects, documents, requests and tasks. This ensures up-to-date and accessible information.

All employees will have access to the same data (provided they have the appropiate security) and can easily review the routing of their created workflow requests.

This increases the flexibility and transparency of your organization. As every company has it’s own specific business processes, requests can be easily modified, without having to have specific technical skills.

In short, Synergy workflows enable you to structure, control your business processes and report on the actual activities in your organization.  Electronic workflows, integrated with customer, supplier, project, item, document and employee information form the basis of a new generation of administrative solutions.