accounting-classes-on-lineBusinesses ultimately succeed on their ability to continuously create profit by generating revenue and controlling costs.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?  But in an unprecedented business environment of global competition and mandatory regulatory compliance, successfully managing the finances of your business becomes one of the biggest challenges any company can face.

When you understand the dollars and cents, you can make smarter business decisions and increase profits.  Accurate, consistent, timely financial information, delivered in an easy–to–analyze format ( such as dashboards from  Executive Pulse) gives you the ability to make smarter decisions.

We can give you access to real–time information and provide the tools you need to perform complex data analysis and generate reports on the fly.  With our solutions you can define financial targets, develop a corresponding business plan, then oversee costs and revenue to make sure you hit your targets.

Financial transactions from all packages, including distribution and manufacturing, are processed and stored in one transaction table with Globe and Acumatica.  This facilitates rapid financial reporting in as real–time as you desire.  It also stores rich information about transactions made in reference to customers, vendors, employees, projects and items, making this information available quickly.

The Event Manager can provide automatic notifications to internal staff when  internal business rules (which you define) are triggered in the system.  This could be an e-mail notifying a salesperson that a specific customer has now been placed on credit hold, due to outstanding A/R balances.  Or your quotes or invoices can be sent as an attachment to an e-mail.

Let the software assist you, not make it more difficult to do your work.