Human Resources1No matter how large or small, all companies have human resource management issues that they must contend with.  Without a doubt the larger an organization is, the more complex and procedure driven their Human Resources  department becomes.

Typically, members of an HR department have to contend with significant amounts of paperwork, from simple but time extensive tasks such as vacation requests through the distribution of health benefit documents or 401K forms.   Add expense claims to the daily tasks, and “pushing paper” becomes the order of the day.  This results in duplication of efforts and the possibility of simple mistakes that can seriously impact the well being of employees.

Employees will always spend an inordinate amount of time filling out vacation request forms, expense claims, reviews, training and many other resource related activities.  These forms usually follow a process through the organization for approval (such as an immediate supervisor) and notification to others within the organization for fulfillment (in the case of expense reimbursement).  Many of these forms will need to be filed and archived accordingly, and ultimately taken off site for safe storage.

What if all of these resource related processes could be digitized in a manner that electronically emulates the defined processes, without paper and with far fewer errors?  Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it!

HR Professionals have long been searching for a means to more fully involve employees directly with the defined processes, making them a real participant within the core process, and not simply an initiator of a paper trail without visibility.   Today, more than ever, HR departments are looking for ways to improve process efficiency and thereby productivity for the entire organization.  Many progressive companies are providing portals for their employees to log in and download documents and create electronic workflow tasks, all in a self service mode.

Synergy provides the tools to allow your HR department to provide assistance and guidance to your employees.