Macola ES is Exact’s flagship product within North America.  An ERP solution designed with Business Process Management (BPM) capabilities, this product includes applications that manage accounting, distribution and manufacturing activities, workflow, documents, human resources, customer relationship management and exception management that unify the entire enterprise.

Businesses using Macola ES deliver higher levels of customer service and accuracy, with unprecedented levels of organizational visibility, control and measurement.

Business software should be designed for only one purpose—to solve business problems.  Exact Software designed Macola ERP from the ground up as a next-generation ERP-II solution that helps business owners and managers eliminate the top seven causes of business pain.  Click on the symbol to see how Exact Software can solve these issues.

It happens when a company runs its manufacturing businesses on accounting systems without BOM’s, labor reporting and overhead calculations. Solved - Macola® ERP is a full manufacturing application with complete costing and production scheduling that directly feeds accounting.
Companies without exception-management capabilities see this all the time. Solved - Macola ERP with an Event Manager lets the customer define any business exception to trigger powerful action outcomes including database updating.
A business with no structured follow through to customer request can experience this pain on a daily basis. Solved - Customers have a portal in Macola ES / Synergy that enables them to do more than place orders and view order status. The customer can interact with your organization with structured workflow.
This requires twice the maintenance effort. Resulting in wasted time and wasted money. Solved - Macola ERP with Exact Synergy operates as a single software solution, integrating information from both the Back Office (transactions) and the Front Office (customer activities). You have total visibility and accurate tracking from materials purchase through finished product. Plus, it’s a complete knowledge management system, allowing you to create, post and store documents and share information anywhere and anytime, even over the Internet though secure portals.
This is often caused by “management via email”. Email is a “black hole” with no provision for structure or follow-through. Key tasks and issues constantly fall through the cracks, creating customer dissatisfaction. Solved - The workflow capability in Macola ERP provides closed loop communication. People throughout your organization are clear on what needs to be done, and when. Managers can instantly verify the status of any task, and customers get the great service that they expect.
That’s often the result of systems developed in-house, or by outside consultants that require constant updating to stay compatible. Support wanes and the customer has to pay a fortune in consulting and support fees. Many inter-application custom interfaces are unreliable or prone to error. Solved - Many applications can be replaced by Macola ERP using our single database approach and the support requirements are reduced to one organization—the network of Exact technical experts. Exact offers stability across the IT infrastructure, and requires less support as there are fewer integration issues to address....
Solved - Macola ERP offers real-time views into financials, broken down into a logical hierarchy of reporting. Most companies have subsidiaries operating on a patched-together mix of applications and reporting systems. Standardizing on Macola ERP enables companies to easily roll up disparate applications into one, cohesive database.