The Macola Progression Software is a proven application with thousands of installations throughout North America.

Exact Software has continued to enhance the product as much as possible over the last few years, moving from a Pervasive Database to Microsoft’s SQL server.  Module enhancements that have been added include the use of credit cards and integration with Exact’s Synergy module.  Third party companion partners have continued to develop their tools to interface with both Progression and Macola ES enhancing the functionality and value to an organization..

For many Progression customers, they will be able to continue with the software for many years, before it will be unsupported by Exact Software.  There has been no date announced for the end of the Progression lifecycle and one is not expected soon.

The Donas Group Inc. actively works with Progression customers throughout the United States, offering them support for this software.  This support may include first line support assistance or the training of staff on its use of the modules.  We know the companion products that interface with Progression and we can sell, implement and support them.

Other customers may realize that they could benefit in moving to Macola ES. Our organization participated with one of Exact’s first conversions from Progression to Macola ES in 2003. We continue to convert customers when they see the return on their investment.  We have completed over 30 database conversions.  The knowledge gained from these previous conversions will make your conversion pain free.

Whether you need constant day to day assistance with Progression or the occasional inquiry or training, we can work with you.