warehouse2The definition of a successful organization is one that builds and sells the right products, at the right time, for the right price.

Successfully implementing Supply Chain Management (SCM) functionality helps companies reduce inventory, increase the transaction speed by exchanging data in real–time, and increase sales by implementing customer requirements more efficiently.

Through the use of portals in Synergy, our users can collaborate with customers and see a real–time view of activity across the organization. It starts with the ability to accurately forecast customer demands, then effectively plan and schedule the flow of materials through the enterprise to assure on–time delivery and maximum discounts from suppliers. Some customers may wish to transact with EDI, rather than paper based transactions, which is fully integrated directly into the accounting and distribution functions with Acumatica or Globe

Our solutions enable you to track orders from beginning to end, right out to the customer.  And you can make changes on–the–fly. Sales tax compliance and credit card acceptance are two big topics which are becoming more complex for businesses.  With Exact Software, corporate information is located in one database, saving employees valuable time when looking for information.  Drill down reporting and analysis (such as dashboards) is at your fingertips, keeping the process running smoothly.

Manage your customer’s expectations by providing realistic product delivery dates based on actual and planned material availability, current production capacity and vendor lead times.  Exact Software and our companion partners provides tools to evaluate options for expediting materials or adding capacity to meet a requested date, or propose alternate delivery options when you cannot meet the customer’s requested date.

Avoid out–of–stock and excess inventory situations by following recommended job and purchase order processes with Exact’s Material Requirements Planning module.  The use of Warehouse Management solutions will help to minimize inventory levels and increase inventory turns.