About Us

From a local provider of software and implementation services in 1996, we have become a nationwide resource for accounts throughout the United States.

We are focused on the Acumatica and Exact product families and have become a highly visible organization with accounts that are trying to maximize their use of the  Acumatica & Synergy modules.

We are proud of the fact that our staff has over 86 years of working with Exact products. In addition to this experience, we participate in Exact Training programs, which provides certifications for our team members with specific modules and applications.  This experience and knowledge is passed onto our accounts, which makes them more efficient in their business practices.

Many clients utilize our organization for everything from the acquisition and installation of new hardware to providing network management functions.  We act as their IT individual, providing personalized service.  Many of our customers have other software packages other than Exact Software.  We welcome your business.

Our team will get to know you and learn your business, so that we can pro-actively recommend new ideas that will help keep you profitable and efficient.

Ready to Get Started?

For more than 20 years The Donas Group, Inc. has been honing our service offerings to align our customer’s needs.  As students of the ever changing business process and subsequently management solution landscape we succeed by simplifying the solution to meet our customer’s needs today with a plan for tomorrow’s growth.