Running a business involves a whole host of individual processes. How can you make sure that everything works seamlessly?  With the right business management solution you are assured that everything is fully integrated, meaning everyone uses the same information and you’re not dealing with a handful of different applications.  Your complex processes are transformed into clear activities.

Your employees will always have access to the information they need to complete these activities – and to make smart decisions. The right solution boosts productivity and efficiency of your departments and employees.

Industry Specific Solutions

  • Full integration between finances, industry-specific ERP, HRM, CRM and PSA.
  • Extend and customize without the need for programming.
  • Portals for e-commerce and improved collaboration with customers and suppliers.
  • With a connectivity framework for integration with other systems.

Simple & scalable

  • Get started from day one: build it up process by process.
  • Free mobile apps make your work that much simpler.
  • Engage templates for rapid implementation based on industry best practices.
  • Rapid and secure for remote or mobile access.

Full control over the entire company

  • A single system for all business locations.
  • Integrated reports and pivot analyses.
  • Workflow and Document Management work to streamline processes and information.

Reliable & accessible

  • Centralized data management gives you a more comprehensive overview with less work involved.
  • Everybody works on the basis of the same information.
  • A real-time overview, wherever you are.
  • Always up and accessible 24/7, including via mobile apps.

Ready to Get Started?

For more than 20 years The Donas Group, Inc. has been honing our service offerings to align our customer’s needs.  As students of the ever changing business process and subsequently management solution landscape we succeed by simplifying the solution to meet our customer’s needs today with a plan for tomorrow’s growth.