Document Management

A lot of your daily processes require documents, presentations, spreadsheets and all sorts of other documents.  With a digital document management system incorporated into your business workflows you can eliminate the crowded file cabinets full of documents from the various business units within your organization.  While often overlooked, a well-managed document management system is key to the successful and optimized core systems within your organizations CRM, HRM and many other processes and workflows.


Structured Centralized Document Storage

Put the filing cabinets in the clouds in a way that makes sense and is easy to search.  Centralized and safely stored yet easily accessed from anywhere in the world via your web browser.  Define and configure document types and templates to allow structure your company’s documents and assign properties to them such as customer accounts or viewer authorization.


Simple Version Control and Security

How often do you question whether you are working on the most current version of a shared document?  Bring yourself some peace of mind with document action and change logging, generating an automatic audit trail and reader statistics.  Further, a check-in and check-out versioning system can improve collaboration by maintaining different versions of the document or indicate that a colleague is currently busy with the document.  All documents stored are set with security levels, so that only those who have effective rights to see or to edit those documents can do so.

Ready to Get Started?

For more than 20 years The Donas Group, Inc. has been honing our service offerings to align our customer’s needs.  As students of the ever changing business process and subsequently management solution landscape we succeed by simplifying the solution to meet our customer’s needs today with a plan for tomorrow’s growth.