Exact Synergy

Synergy is used to improve collaboration between your internal staff, customers, prospects, suppliers and outside organizations that you do (or wish to transact) business with.  This module ensures that information is located in one central place and everyone is working with the same up-to-date data.  This allows an organization to have a clear overview of all business and activities.

During the implementation by one of our customers – the message from their senior management was as follows. “If the data does not exist in Synergy, it does not exist anywhere.”  They began their use of Synergy tracking communications (e-mails and phone conversations) to their accounts.

With the tracking of activities and communications, they saw the value of automating their workflows into Synergy.  This workflow management provided more insight into who is doing what with an account and ensuring that tasks be completed.

Once they felt comfortable seeing the activities and using workflow, the organization began saving e-mails and other documents to Synergy, linking them to Accounts or Items.  This gave their employees insight into more account activities and answered more questions on “What is happening?”

Synergy also solved other business issues when the Project Management functionality was turned on.  This allowed staff to manage projects such as marketing activities, campaigns and internal activities with all of activities, workflow and documents linked.

A future module that this account will implement is Human Resources, which will allow reviews and other documents, employee certifications, trainings and reviews to be stored securely.


It takes strategic development, consistent vision and the ability to know your business and its relevant data needs. The Donas Group has been a powerful, efficient and effective partner helping us maximize the value we get out of our Synergy investment everyday by ensuring that our system provides the processes we need to be a Best in Class operation.Continue Reading

– Eric Zadravec, President & CEO of Hayes Pump, Inc.