Successful implementations begin with our team familiarizing ourselves to your business and assist you with defining project objectives.  We meet with your project team to cover all areas of your organization that will benefit in this exciting change. This kick-off meeting will explain the process and begin to assign responsibilities for involving your entire project team. Time spent defining your processes and the improvements you are looking to achieve all shape the set-up and structure of your new software.

Your Donas Group consultant works closely with your implementation team in planning, progress updates and milestone acknowledgements to keep your project team informed and moving forward. Meetings and updates can be as formal or informal as meets the needs of your business and timeline. Having worked with many businesses over the years, we also have experience navigating the changes in your workplace.   Once “live” and implemented, we remain available to provide you support.

Learning your business and working closely with your implementation, coupled with the education, training and experience our professional consultants at the Donas Group are fully committed to your success. Many of our consultants have passed APICS certification or have years of experience in other business environments. We are experienced in financial, service, distribution and manufacturing offering a wide cross section of disciplines to complement your management team to meet their goals and objectives.

Ready to Get Started?

For more than 20 years The Donas Group, Inc. has been honing our service offerings to align our customer’s needs.  As students of the ever changing business process and subsequently management solution landscape we succeed by simplifying the solution to meet our customer’s needs today with a plan for tomorrow’s growth.