Accounts Payable in Acumatica Cloud ERP

Making the most out of your cashflow is critical—but too often, without the visibility necessary, you might be paying the wrong invoices at the wrong time, missing opportunities for discounts, or failing to track what you really owe.

Enter Acumatica’s Accounts Payable. Flexible, powerful, and born in the cloud, Acumatica Financial Management delivers this functionality—providing the scope you need whether you are a small shop or a multinational firm.

As a leading provider of this financial management solution, The Donas Group has the skills to set up, integrate, and deliver this solution for companies like you.

What Makes Accounts Payable in Acumatica Better?

Built to provide you with close control over liabilities and payments for goods and services, Accounts Payable in Acumatica makes it easy to monitor your cash flow by tracking all your outstanding invoice payments as well as available discounts, due dates, and cash requirements. Flexible and automated, AP software in Acumatica gives you the tools you need to pay on your terms. Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Take Control over Your Approval Process: Set up the process to automatically approve for payment or follow an approval process to prioritize or delay payment, before these documents are processed in the accounting systems and paid.
  • Stay in the Know: Easily track money owed and money paid by attaching source documents to invoices, helping to give you a clear and straightforward payment process. Once files have been attached to one document within the system, the file can simply be linked to additional documents or records without uploading the file again.
  • Never Fear the Tax Man: Automatically calculate use and VAT taxes and prepare tax filing reports. Acumatica’s AP functionality empowers you to assign default zones to each vendor, override this during entry, and automatically calculate taxes so that you can forge ahead with confidence.

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Key Features of AP in Acumatica

Optimize payments, predict cash flow requirements, reduce errors, and make decisions with ease. Acumatica’s AP functionality offers a variety of features that make life easy, including the following:

Multiple AP Accounts in General Ledger

Link groups of Vendors to specific AP accounts in the GL. Default accounts can be overridden during Bill or Payment processing. Acumatica automatically offsets the correct account when the payment is applied.


Pay Suppliers in Multiple Currencies

Track vendor balances and pay vendors in a foreign currency. Acumatica automatically computes the realized gain/loss. Unrealized gains and losses can be calculated using the AP currency translation account.


Pay Recurring Transactions with Ease

Reduce the workload for approving a recurring transaction. Easily create recurring bills by setting the frequency and timeframe for payment, with recurring bills appearing in the recurrent transaction processing screen for review, modification, and release.

AP Aging Functionality

Analyze upcoming obligations by configuring AP aging categories which are reflected in a full set of aging reports. Get a clear picture of outstanding balances and past due accounts to help decision makers analyze AP, cash requirements, and vendor performance.

1099 Reporting with Ease

Speed up the end of year with 1099 reporting. Easily accumulate 1099 information for any designated vendor and track 1099 payments and produce the appropriate 1099 reports. Acumatica is ready to support new 1099-NEC needs as well.

Audit Trails

Maintain a complete audit trail of all transactions. Acumatica captures the ID of the user who entered the transaction and the user who modified the record. Notes and supporting electronic documents can also be attached to the transactions.

Acumatica has made our financial systems much more efficient. It provides us one integrated system with accurate sales and revenue information providing detailed financial reports that will allow us to accelerate our growth..

– Christy Lin, Operation Director of Antenova Limited

Get to Know Acumatica Financial Management and The Donas Group

Built to integrate with a variety of applications—whether they are made by Acumatica or a third-party vendor—Acumatica’s financial management functionality delivers a strong backbone for your business. As a leading provider of this usable and functional application, The Donas Group can help you make the most of your journey to the cloud. Get to know more about our work and contact us for a free consultation.