Accounts Receivable in Acumatica Cloud ERP

For any company, accounts receivable is one of the biggest—and riskiest—assets. Referring to the money you are owed, it’s often a challenge to track, collect, and ultimately recognize the revenue without the right tools for the job.

No matter the industry, company size, or focus, having the right accounts receivable solution can help you to collect more easily and ensure that potential assets become real. Enter Acumatica Accounts Receivable.

Speed up the creation and distribution of invoices, receipt and collection of payments, and meet your revenue recognition requirements. Acumatica Accounts Receivable connects to the rest of your software to improve your business. As a leading provider of this financial management solution, The Donas Group has the skills to set up, integrate, and deliver this solution for companies like you.

What Makes Acumatica Accounts Receivable Software Better?

Built to give you real time access to data, Accounts Receivable functionality in Acumatica helps you generate invoices, send statements, collect and apply payments, verify balances, track commissions, and deliver customer reports. Fully integrated with the rest of the solution, AR in Acumatica helps your entire team connect and run more smoothly. Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Invoicing Flexibility: Deliver invoices the way that both you and your customer need. Format statements for printing, HTML, or PDF delivery, generate statements on demand, and only print the documents you need.
  • Accept Payments with Ease: Accept PCI-compliant credit card payment with flexibility to handle manual charges, transaction voids, and refunds. Better yet, connect to any bank processing center with included plug-ins or build your own integrations with ease.
  • Rightfully Recognize: Get in compliance with ASC 606. Use deferred revenue codes for individual line items at invoicing to support your revenue recognition requirements.
  • Take Control of Customer Credit: Companies with franchises or multiple branches can configure parent-child relationships in Acumatica accounts receivable software between the customer accounts that represent these companies.

Watch our Acumatica demo to learn more.

Key Features in Acumatica Accounts Receivable

As one of the most flexible ERP products on the market, Acumatica lets you build the exact product you want to use. Not only does Accounts Receivable connect with the rest of the Financial Management module, you get to connect a variety of processes that would otherwise bury you in emails. Here are just some of the things you get from Acumatica’s Accounts Receivable functionality:

AR Mapping in General Ledger

Map groups of customers to different AR accounts in the general ledger. Facilitate collections as Acumatica tracks account assignments and applies correct offsets and amounts when payment is applied.


Multiple Currency Support

Collect in a way that works for your customers and get the best exchange rate terms. Automatic currency translation makes real-time adjustments, performs currency triangulation, and computes gain or loss.


Tax Reporting Made Easy

Calculate sales and VAT taxes and prepare for tax filing reports—automatically. Acumatica supports multiple tax items per document line, deduction of tax amount from price, and tax on tax calculations.

Credit Limit Verification

Avoid overextending. Enforce credit limits automatically at order entry and at invoicing, prevent sales to uncollectable customers, and temporarily increase credit limits for others.


Pay salespeople with ease. Automatically calculate commissions, split commissions among multiple salespeople, link them to specific line items, and pay when the invoice is issued or paid.

Track Interest and Overdue Charges

Calculate and apply overdue charges automatically. Compute overdue charges as a percentage or minimum charge amount.

Stay in Command with Audit Trails

Always know the who, what, why, and how behind a transaction. With full audit trail functionality, the system tracks user IDs for all transactions and modifications.

Acumatica has made our financial systems much more efficient. It provides us one integrated system with accurate sales and revenue information providing detailed financial reports that will allow us to accelerate our growth..

– Christy Lin, Operation Director of Antenova Limited

Get to Know Acumatica Financial Management and The Donas Group

Built to integrate with a variety of applications—whether they are made by Acumatica or a third-party vendor—Acumatica’s financial management functionality delivers a strong backbone for your business. As a leading provider of this usable and functional application, The Donas Group can help you make the most of your journey to the cloud. Get to know more about our work and contact us for a free consultation.