Deferred Revenue Accounting in Acumatica

Deferred revenue has been one of the hot topics in the 2010s, and companies now live in the new world of ASC 606. But for many, the process of reporting for revenue yet to be earned is a challenge, especially for companies trying to handle it manually.

Enter Acumatica Deferred Revenue Management. Built in the cloud to help users handle accounting for deferred revenue, this solution enables businesses to automate deferred revenue calculations by assigning a schedule to any affected transaction line item or inventory component.

Why Acumatica Deferred Revenue Accounting Makes Life Easy

Part of Acumatica Financial Management, this module is available to help users to calculate, post, and recognize while complying with new accounting standards. Whether it’s helping to increase business flexibility or streamline compliance, Acumatica’s Deferred Revenue Accounting is built for today’s business. Here are just some of the ways it makes life easier:

  • Calculate and Automate: Automatically calculate deferred revenue according to established schedules. Deferred revenue is automatically posted and recognized in financial statements.
  • Control Deferral Schedules: Create schedules based on templates or from scratch to model complex requirements. Schedules can be linked to specific transactions and line numbers on any income document. Create schedules based on templates or from scratch to model complex requirements. Schedules can be linked to specific transactions and line numbers on any income document.
  • Comply with Accounting Standards: Handle the complexities and nuances of ASC 606/IFRS 15. Acumatica is ready to handle the complex multi-element sales scenarios required by ASC 606 and IFRS 15 and customize Acumatica’s logic to meet your unique business requirements and workflow.

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Key Features of Acumatica Deferred Revenue Accounting

From sales commissions to closing the books, a lot relies on timing. Luckily, the Deferred Revenue functionality is integrated with the rest of the Acumatica solution, connecting the following solutions with financial management needs and more:

Multiple AR Accounts in GL

Map groups of customers to different AR accounts in the general ledger. Override the default AR account during document entry. Acumatica tracks account assignments and applies correct offsets and amounts when payment is applied.


Sales Commission Calculation

Calculate sales commissions automatically. You can split commissions among multiple salespeople, link them to specific line items, and pay when the invoice is issued or paid. Calculate commissions on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.


Automated Tax Reporting

Handle the tax challenges of RevRec without headaches. Calculate sales and VAT taxes and prepare for tax filing reports—automatically. Acumatica supports multiple tax items per document line, deduction of tax amount from price, and tax on tax calculation.

Payment Reversal and Automatic Application

Apply payments automatically to the oldest outstanding documents. Easily void incorrect payment application—all affected balances will be reversed automatically.

Audit Trails

Keep track of who, what, why, and when. Audit trails give you a complete view of transactions and help you to correct errors with ease.

Acumatica has made our financial systems much more efficient. It provides us one integrated system with accurate sales and revenue information providing detailed financial reports that will allow us to accelerate our growth.

– Christy Lin, Operation Director of Antenova Limited

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