Purchase Order Management in Acumatica Distribution Edition

Distribution businesses need to compete on a variety of attributes, and your customers turn to you for accurate and reliable fulfillment. But to deliver this, you need to be able to get items into your facility without headaches or hassles. The right purchasing solution can facilitate this, helping you to get items into your facility, keep costs under control, and overcome supply chain disruption.

To succeed in the complex and constantly moving world of distribution, you need purchase order management that ensures products are coming into your facility at the right time. Just one of the many components of the Acumatica Distribution Management solution, Purchasing Management delivers accuracy cost control, and integration with a variety of products.

As a leading provider of this solution and a company with vast experience in the distribution space, The Donas Group has the skills to customize, integrate, and deliver this solution for companies like you. Watch our Acumatica Distribution demo.

What Makes Purchase Order Management in Acumatica Better?

Built to facilitate workflows, ensure the right amount of inventory, and see the status of your orders, purchasing management makes life easier for everyone. Digitally resilient distributors turn to Acumatica for an adaptable and future-proof purchasing management solution that empowers them to:

  • Simplify the Creation of Purchase Orders: Reduce the workload and eliminate inaccuracy by automatically generating purchase orders based on stock level and inventory replenishment algorithms. Reduce costs by selecting the right vendor for your specific needs. Connect purchasing and sales to facilitate dropshipping.
  • Facilitate Approvals with Rules-Based Workflows: Free yourself and your inbox with easy to use workflows. Create approval rules for various order types, vendors, order amounts, and other order-specific information. Control document release using predefined approval processes.
  • Know What’s Coming with Partial and Consolidated Receipts: Track receipts, whether – partially filled, completely filled, or consolidated from multiple purchase orders into a single receipt. Connect this with accounts payable to handle payments and easily create vouchers.
  • Save Money with Timely Purchasing: Set yourself up with the right amount of inventory. Purchasing connects to sales and the rest of the Acumatica ERP solution to reduce labor costs, improve turnover efficiency, and get the best price for each item.

Key Features of Purchase Order Management

Robust enough to give you what you want, flexible enough to improve business agility and lean operations, Acumatica Purchasing Management puts you in control of your business. Here are just some of the features available to you in Purchasing Management:


Item Tracking

Manage disparate inventory IDs among suppliers and your system. Automatically assign serial and lot numbers when you receive purchase orders.


Automatic Payment Vouchers

Create accounts payable vouchers automatically when goods are received for complete, partial, or consolidated orders. Get even more done with prepayment workflows and requests that help you to stay ahead of purchase orders.


Drop Shipping Made Easy

Create drop shipments to deliver goods directly to a customer location. You can create drop shipments automatically from sales orders or enter them manually by linking to a sales order from the purchase order entry screen.

Vendor Selection Automation

Upload vendor price lists with product descriptions, prices, and delivery times. Use this to automate vendor selection based on vendor attributes and performance, as well as pricing and availability.

Audit Trail

Maintain a thorough audit trail of all purchasing transactions, including the identity of users who entered and approved transactions and modified the record. Notes and supporting electronic documents can be attached directly to transactions.

Landed Cost

Include shipping, receiving, insurance, and duties in the total cost of your purchase items. Costs can be allocated across several goods using custom allocation methods. You can enter landed cost bills directly in Accounts Payable and associate them with received items.

Acumatica saved us time and money processing over 4,500 orders per day. Since it’s Cloud-based, Acumatica can support our double and triple digit growth rates.

– Chris Nelson (CPA), CFO, Youngevity

Get to Know Acumatica Distribution and The Donas Group

Built to integrate with a variety of applications—whether they are made by Acumatica or a third-party vendor—Acumatica’s distribution management functionality delivers a strong backbone for your business. From the above-mentioned purchase order management to additional features including inventory management, sales orders, warehouse management, requisition management, and more, Acumatica’s Distribution product ensures resilience for distributors.

As a leading provider of this usable and functional application, The Donas Group can help you make the most of your journey to the cloud. Get to know more about our work and contact us for a free consultation.