Cloud ERP for the Chief Information Officer

Today’s Chief Information Officer faces an ever-evolving set of challenges. New threats, new technologies, new expectations, and new responsibilities—and it’s on you to manage it all in the same amount of time.

Like the head of the finance department sitting across the boardroom table, you need to balance control and enablement. It’s a tough job, but you didn’t get to the head of your company’s IT organization without making smart decisions.

Calculated risks are part of the job—but have become easier to make. Imagine being told two decades ago that it wasn’t only more cost effective to store your data on someone else’s servers, it’d be more secure.

Enterprise Resource Planning, delivered in the cloud, has changed the way businesses look at their data, delivering the innovation, affordability, and security that today’s CIO needs. While there are many options available, Acumatica Cloud ERP has become a proven leader able to meet the needs of the modern CIO and the organization as a whole.

Why More and More CIOs Are Looking to the Cloud with Acumatica

Though you wear many hats as a CIO, your role can be summed up as “the person responsible for the technological success of the organization.” That said, success takes many forms ranging from cost control and risk mitigation to building a future-ready technology framework that positions your company for success. Here’s how Acumatica makes that a reality:

Empowering the Modern IT Team

The Pareto principle—80 percent of effort is spent creating 20 percent of value—is no more prevalent than in the IT department. Unfortunately, too much of the IT department’s job today consists of maintenance activities, tech support, and update management.

With Acumatica, you can free your IT staff from many of the time-consuming tasks that make up their day currently and allow them to focus more on improving the stack of applications that exist.

Freeing Yourself from All-Hands-on-Deck Updates

There are many reasons that your IT staff hates updating legacy software. Imagine working so hard to build a connection between, only to watch it fall apart every singe time an update takes place.

Acumatica frees your staff from these challenges because it was built to integrate. Rather than wasting six to eighteen months rebuilding an integration and testing it before you can update, Acumatica’s reliance on industry-standard development tools and easy-to-use APIs ensures update season is peaceful.

Improving Security without Overloading Your Team

Today’s IT teams need to focus so heavily on security that many lose track of their ongoing responsibilities. One of the most time consuming parts of any job, the idea of locking down a server room may seem overwhelming.

However, by deploying your ERP solution in the cloud, you can take steps to ensure your data is in good hands. With Acumatica, you can rest easy knowing such public cloud providers are taking your data security seriously. However, the thing that makes Acumatica unique is in its flexibility. Maybe you still want to keep your data on-premises. Maybe you want to deploy Acumatica on a private cloud. You can.

Do More as a CIO with Acumatica and Donas

Designed specifically for small to mid-size companies, Acumatica combines proven business logic developed over 10 years with new, cutting-edge technology to help you streamline your operations like never before.

For more than two decades, the Donas Group has delivered business critical ERP solutions for our customers. Get to know more about us and contact us for more information.


Acumatica was by far the most robust Cloud ERP offering. It offers more functionality, better prices and more value to users.

– Francisco Callegari, CIO (Guardian SealTech)