Product Configurator in Acumatica

Manufacturing firms are as unique as the products they build. And for those companies who make complex products, your job is to orchestrate a lot of moving parts—both figuratively and literally. Everything from the quote to the design to the product features, options, and dimensions needs to be managed and built to the needs of your customers with as little hassle as possible.

Why Product Configurator Delivers Performance and Quality

For many manufacturers, especially those who want to offer a variety of options to customers, the use of a Product Configurator is a necessity. Unfortunately, too many systems leave manufacturers spending a lot of time setting everything up from scratch and losing track of the process. Add a couple revisions, and it’s taking hours for someone to just set the product up for production—let alone build it.

But there are better ways to approach this. Acumatica’s Product Configurator delivers a rules-based software that allows a user to configure products in multiple ways on quotes, sales orders, and production orders. 

Part of the larger, connected, and user friendly Acumatica Manufacturing Edition, the Product Configurator helps you to enhance quality and accuracy when manufacturing complex products. Configure product features, options, and dimensions to maximize quote-to-order and manufacturing performance.

Key Features of Acumatica Product Configurator

Getting from quote to order, order to production, and from production to end product requires a lot of things to go right. Acumatica’s Product Configurator empowers you to make this happen. Whether it’s reducing the time it takes to create a new order, giving complete control over revisions, or helping you provide accurate quotes no matter how complex the product, Acumatica makes your job easier. Here’s how Acumatica delivers:

Configure to Order

Many products rely on a predetermined set of options, and the configure-to-order functionality helps you make setup easy. Simply configure any item using predetermined features and options. The results of the configuration can carry forward to a production order.


Dimensional Capability

Calculate the costs, requirements, and other factors with ease using dimensional capabilities. Use multiple dimensional calculations and formulas to calculate the material requirements for the specific components of configuration.


Order History and Look-Up

Better serve customers by putting order history at your fingertips. Order History and Look-up helps users to easily look up a customer’s previous configuration to create the order or make adjustments from the prior configuration.

Multi-Level Configuration

Make configuration easy with a solution that supports multi-level configurations of regular, non-phantom, items by creating multiple production orders for each regular configured item.

Formula Validation

Validate formula calculation based upon minimum and maximum attribute values or quantities for selected features and options.

Acumatica provided an accounting solution that allowed us to streamline operations, eliminate accounting costs, and process orders faster.

– DDB Unlimited Employee

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Built to integrate with a variety of applications—whether they are made by Acumatica or a third-party vendor—Acumatica’s Manufacturing Edition functionality delivers a strong backbone for your business.

Just one of the many components of a powerful cloud-based manufacturing software, BOM/Routing in Acumatica empowers you to create maintain, and control master data definitions of products and processes with convenient one-screen maintenance access.

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