Native Integration for BigCommerce and Shopify in Acumatica Cloud ERP

Acumatica’s Retail-Commerce Edition comes with the native Acumatica for two of the leading ecommerce products of the day. Working with both BigCommerce and Shopify, Acumatica makes it easy to provide a customer-facing website that works with your back-office systems.

The Acumatica for BigCommerce Connector is a native interface that integrates your BigCommerce eCommerce website with your Acumatica financials, inventory, operations, and reporting, providing you with a powerful and comprehensive real-time platform that grows with your company.

The Acumatica for Shopify Connector is a native connector integrating your Shopify eCommerce website or Shopify POS with Acumatica financials, inventory, warehouse management, and product information, providing a flexible back-office system that grows with your company. Elevate your customers’ experience, gain greater insight into your business, and drive exponential revenue with a seamlessly integrated, commerce-enabled ERP platform from Acumatica and Shopify.

As a leading provider of this solution and a company with vast experience in the distribution space, The Donas Group has the skills to customize, integrate, and deliver this solution for companies like you.

What Makes Acumatica Commerce Integrations Better?

Digitally resilient retailers turn to Acumatica for an adaptable and future-proof solution that gives them:

  • End-to-end visibility: Have visibility into your BigCommerce or Shopify site, Financials, Warehouse, and Inventory at all times.
  • Real-time communication: Ensure your BigCommerce or Shopify site is displaying up-to-date inventory and product information and that all sales orders are reflected in your financials and warehouse management system.
  • Native BigCommerce and Shopify integration: BigCommerce and Shopify integration is built into Acumatica Commerce Edition – no additional software to purchase.

Key Features of Acumatica for BigCommerce or Shopify Connectors

Acumatica’s Retail-Commerce Edition comes with native connectors for BigCommerce and Shopify storefronts. Additionally, you can integrate Shopify and IIG POS with Acumatica’s flexible back-office system that grows with your company. 


Real-Time Bidirectional Data

Transmit data bidirectionally between your BigCommerce or Shopify front-end and Acumatica back-office software as orders are placed and your financials are updated.


Product Information Sync

Display product information in real-time, including Title, Description, Category, Price, Images, and Metadata. Filter entities to be exported to an online store by custom fields and attributes. Export filtering is available for the following entities: customer, stock item, non-stock item, template item, sales order. Export by attribute is supported for customers, stock items, non-stock items, and template items. 


Synchronize Online and Offline orders

Online and offline orders are automatically synchronized between your BigCommerce or Shopify site and Acumatica.


Discounts and Promotions

Discounts and promotions created in BigCommerce or Shopify will synchronize to order lines in Acumatica Sales Orders.


Acumatica has really allowed us to focus on our business—which is selling shoes—instead of focusing on IT and development.

– Ryan Schlachter, President, Shoebacca

Get to Know Acumatica Retail-Commerce and The Donas Group

Built to integrate with a variety of applications—whether they are made by Acumatica or a third-party vendor—Acumatica’s commerce management functionality delivers a strong backbone for your business. From the above-mentioned integrations to additional features including inventory management, commerce-focused financials, order management, and more, Acumatica’s Retail-Commerce product ensures resilience for retailers.

As a leading provider of this usable and functional application, The Donas Group can help you make the most of your journey to the cloud. Get to know more about our work and contact us for a free consultation.