Recently, after much anticipation, the Acumatica Summit 2021 was finally able to celebrate people coming together – live. The event took place at the spectacular Wynn Las Vegas Hotel. Acumatica, the world’s fastest-growing cloud ERP leader, showcased the progress of its ERP software as the star of the show alongside its co-star, CEO of Acumatica, Jon Roskill.

On behalf of Acumatica, and in the very beginning of his keynote address, Mr. Roskill announced that Acumatica has surpassed 8,000 global customers. The Summit drew more than 2,500 of them, along with partners, analysts and media attendees. The high level of attendance underscored the importance of the company’s first in-person event, as the 2020 Summit was postponed due to the myriad issues from the Covid-19 pandemic.

The CEO announced awards for Acumatica’s “Customer of the Year,” Industrial Specialty Services (ISS). He also celebrated Mozaic as the non-profit “Impact Customer of the Year.” Roskill told the crowd, “We’ve helped our customers improve resiliency, embrace digital transformation and prepare for the future. We take our customers beyond basic process digitization and transform them into mature, efficient, and connected businesses.”

Acumatica has increased its presence in the ERP Cloud world and has shown business from multiple industries how they could upgrade their companies by converting to cloud-based ERP. Acumatica has propelled the success of its customers and has partnered all along the way. Acumatica is positioned to assure digital transformation excellence, propelling customers toward a profitable future.

There were discussions about how the pandemic necessitated an evolution in 2020-2021 for businesses to include, and put resources into a mobile, anytime/anywhere paradigm. A shift in the ways companies did business morphed into, by definition, reinventing priorities and systems. Through Acumatica, companies and departments could now be interconnected, have a real-time view of data and an umbrella of security backing it all up. As a result of flexibility and vision, Acumatica earned a score of 97% in a customer satisfaction survey and a +32 Net Promoter Score.

The keynote address included the announcement of a new Adobe Document Cloud integration that replaces old systems, which will “live” in the Acumatica platform. The document options can be accessed while on the Acumatica ERP cloud. The second big announcement is the new Microsoft Teams Integration. Teams has risen above Zoom as a preferred interface for securely conducting business with a full menu of features.

On Day Two, the upcoming 2021 R2 product features were previewed, including:

  • Features and benefits for industry editions
  • Financials and CRM
  • Features and benefits for personalization
  • Improved email tracking, deliverability, and scalability via integration to SendGrid
  • Features and benefits for “Managed Availability” Capabilities
  • Simplified transactions with international currencies
  • Streamlined activity with the Microsoft Teams integration

The second day lent itself to discussions around simplified reconciliation, distribution and commerce, construction, field service and manufacturing. Companies that have successfully transformed their systems by digital transformation were recognized for their efforts. The businesses that grew by partnering with Acumatica and received an “Excellence Award” are Clive Coffee, (Retail-Commerce) Korpack, (Distribution) Roberts Glass & Service (Construction) and Scott Fetzer Consumer Brands (Manufacturing)

And, beyond that, it was clear that a good time was had by all.

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