Many manufacturers cling to their tried-and-true solutions because they’re familiar and have stood the test of time. But the times are changing, and it’s time for business leaders to find ways to adapt to the ever-evolving climate where technology leads the way forward. 

Legacy systems, spreadsheets, and traditional filing methods have drawbacks that can, in fact, keep a company from being successful. With competitors turning to ERP systems, it’s important that manufacturers stay current with state-of-the-art solutions that can improve efficiency, streamline processes, and boost the bottom line, driving return on investment (ROI). Learn more in 6 Manufacturing Challenges Solved by Cloud ERP.

By embracing today’s technology, manufacturing companies can ensure they know inventory levels and make judgements in regard to what’s needed or logistical information that can ease fulfillment issues. A better-informed workforce means improved processes and, ultimately, the ability to provide an improved customer experience.

Business leaders weighing whether or not to join the cloud and implement a modern ERP system should consider the value it can deliver.

Be an Agile Business 

Insightful reporting and analytics give manufacturers a solid advantage. A business management system allows manufacturers to optimize their current business, while providing a solution that can ease the growth pains of a company that is dealing with mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring.

With the use of custom dashboards that provide real-time view into each facet of the company, leadership is able to make more timely and accurate decisions. Meanwhile, staff – whether at headquarters or in warehouses – are connected and armed with knowledge that is shared across the organization.

Boost Competitiveness 

It’s imperative that a manufacturing company stay current with the times. Technology is front and center across the industry – the companies that prepare for the digital age and the era of modern machining will have a sound advantage. 

Whether it’s quality control, pricing, or logistical matters, such as inventory management, waste reduction, or improved fulfillment, ERP solutions are built to next level those using them. Game changers will come armed and ready to compete as the business climate evolves.

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Create Operational Efficiency 

Inputting data manually drains a staff’s time and resources, creating an arena that is ripe for errors. Mistakes can prove costly to a business, while also causing frustration for staff. 

Implementing an ERP system can greatly reduce such errors, which improves the bottom line and boosts job satisfaction. Happy employees are generally more dedicated and productive. When teams are able to clear their to-do lists of redundant tasks that the ERP system can shoulder, manufacturers will benefit from the improved efficiency that comes with digital transformation.  

Simplify for Success 

Manufacturing can be a complicated industry to work in; many companies face logistical issues because they are located in an array of plants that span the globe. No matter how complex the company’s operations, an ERP can break down silos that negatively impact the business.

When the entirety of the business has full visibility, decision makers can determine paths forward with the help of data and insights. No longer is the accounting department tied up working on reports that are well past expiration date, and the C-Suite doesn’t have to guesstimate. Further, all warehouses completely understand the climate of every location. Instantly, internal operations and outsourcing becomes much easier. 

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Ready to Join the Cloud?

Acumatica makes it easy to implement a single solution that ties in every aspect of business. With a highly advanced system, customers are able to take advantage of the many beneficial aspects a cloud-based ERP system includes.

Flexible, powerful, and born in the cloud, Acumatica is a single solution that ties in every element of your business including consolidated financials, tracked orders and costs, workflow, document storage and customer relationship management, to name a few.

With a long running history of partnering in software excellence, we look forward to the opportunity to take clients into the future with cutting-edge software technology that delivers results. Contact us to learn more!

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