You depend on your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to run your business. What happens when something goes wrong? Any system as complex as an ERP solution will have issues from time to time. Fortunately, Acumatica offers two layers of ERP support: Support through local partners and direct support.

In addition, the company backs up its support services with its “Acumatica Customer Bill of Rights.” This initiative guarantees you transparency in the form of clear Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) end-user license agreements and ERP performance with no hidden fees. You are freely given licensing which grows with you and your budget because during implementation you’ve already discussed the future needs and there are no surprises. Not only do you have full deployment flexibility, but you also have 24/7 access to the data that powers your business.

Support Through Your Local Partner

At its inception as a business, Acumatica decided to sell and implement cloud ERP through partners like The Donas Group. The company now operates a global network of Acumatica Value Added Resellers (VARs). The VARs provide support to Acumatica customers. They received extensive training through the Acumatica Partner Program, which provides them with skills and ongoing support. An Acumatica VAR can help with implementation as well as continuing support for any issues you may have with the software.

When you choose Acumatica, you can count on receiving personalized service and expert support from someone who actually understands your business needs like The Donas Group.

From a local provider of software and implementation services in 1996, we have become a nationwide resource for Acumatica clients throughout the United States. As a leading provider and certified partner of Acumatica, The Donas Group has the skills to customize, integrate, and deliver this solution for companies like you. Watch our Acumatica demo to learn more.

Customer Direct Support Services

Acumatica’s customer direct support services offer a second layer of assurance that complements the features of your Acumatica partner support. It provides self-help through the Acumatica Customer Portal. Product and technical support include technical resources, troubleshooting information and access to Acumatica product experts.

The Customer Portal connects users with the most up-to-date support and educational content along with Acumatica’s complete community of developers and customers. The Portal includes product downloads, the latest product documentation and updates, a searchable knowledge base and more.

You can obtain three different types of support through Acumatica’s customer direct support:

  • Standard Support—This level enhances your experience in the initial system deployment phase and early use period. It features online communication with coverage during business hours and next-day response.
  • Premier Support—The Premier level is suitable for customers who want phone support and same day response time, along with access to development resources and 24/7 availability. It is inclusive of all Standard Support and Technology Support services.
  • Technology Support—This type of support was set up to serve customers who customize their Acumatica deployments with query and reporting tools or the xRP platform. The service provides support to the customer’s internal technical resources as needed.

Bonus Support: Extensive Training and Education Opportunities

Acumatica augments its support services with extensive and robust training programs. For example, Open University is complimentary for customers to learn the scope of ERP tools and possibilities to master the full potential of the Acumatica cloud ERP software. The University includes self-study materials and courses for employees.

Finally, there are a number of off-site and online networking offerings from Acumatica Events, such as the Acumatica Summit taking place in Las Vegas, July 2021, live and online webinars and roadshows. These events offer technical training, live support, executive team meet and greets, product development updates and socializing.

We can help you figure out what type of support is right for your business and your Acumatica instance. Contact us to learn more.