Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions can help a company to understand its market while strengthening bonds. Detailed insights on easy-to-digest dashboards can improve existing client relationships and kickstart ways to build new ones, quickly and easily. 

Modern CRM technology tracks vital information such as names and preferences of customers — and also features that identify what they want during their experience. Understanding what customers want is key for any business to remain competitive in today’s market; this is even more so in the case for those with growth ambitions. 

Utilizing a CRM can help not only sales and marketing teams, but also HR and other functions across the organization; and that can drive increased profits. According to Inc., a properly implemented CRM solution can yield a return on investment (ROI) of $2.50 to $5.60 for every dollar invested. It’s time for companies to consider how a CRM solution can boost results! 

Marketing and Sales 

Housing all your contact data in one easily accessible solution makes info-sourcing a breeze. With a CRM in place, customers, leads, prospects, and suitable targets are at the fingertips of the sales and marketing teams. With a systematic tool in place, employees are able to retrieve data and insights to initiate and refine activities that support lead generation.

Account managers now have the ability to swiftly prepare for that impressionable first meeting or to upsell long-standing customers. When an entire team is able to access one central solution in real-time, the organization snaps into sync mode and it’s smoother sailing ahead.

The key game-changer here is that all contacts are in one place. Sales and marketing are instantly power-driven. All activities are connected from point-of-sale to walking through post-fullment concerns and, ideally, upscale opportunities. Analytics give insights — to learn and grow from.

Customer Experience

When you know your customers, you can better understand and serve your customers. With today’s CRM solutions, employees who provide client support are better informed. There’s a huge advantage of working within the same real-time data views; everyone has the same timely updates and information. 

Digestible dashboards house information that enables all team members to provide the best possible service — segmented to the customer. 

All arms of the business are on the same page and can better deliver a unified message. No longer are such employees guesstimating and grabbling for a way forward — insights and data lead. Today’s CRM offerings provide clean, clear, and concise information to make doing business easier.


Imagine operations and all administrative functions working in collaboration, and what that can mean to productivity. Leadership is always looking to improve relationships within its reach — the modern-day CRM is the vehicle to take them there.

At the click of a button, each and everyone within the organization is connected. Boom! Suddenly silos are broken down, the ground is leveled, and a new way of doing business is born.

The process makes an organization streamlined and effective. It also brings the team together with one message and objective. This can only give the business a stronger voice — and, when marketed properly, a stronger brand. There are internal benefits, as well. A CRM creates a platform on which to build relationships.

Is it Time for CRM?

Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, is central to strategic and optimized management of customer information.  This means that you will be empowered with a single source of customer information that puts an end to barriers between departments that are in regular contact with current and potential customers. Learn more about our CRM solutions or contact us today.

Watch our Acumatica CRM demo for a virtual tour of Acumatica, which includes standard CRM functionality for managing leads, contacts, opportunities, and more. In addition, post-sales service and customer portals help improve the total customer experience.