Field service is demanding. To be successful in servicing customers at their locations, your company must be able to manage activities at the operations and sales end, get technicians to where they need to be (on schedule) and make full use of mobile technology. Other crucial functions include tracking installed equipment (including IoT devices) and managing legal and regulatory compliance. Administrative, accounting and analysis information must be integrated as well.

Acumatica Field Service Management is the part of the Acumatica cloud ERP suite that can handle all these tasks. In addition, it can enable a field service executive to engage in process development. It allows you to dispatch staff and equipment while also ensuring that all technicians are properly trained and have the documentation to address every service call. The solution provides for tracking of field service costs and time spent on appointments. With these capabilities in field service, you can improve business processes and meet/exceed customers’ expectations.

As a field service executive, you and your team must address problem resolution with a proactive approach. Acumatica supports this with access to real-time information. It can also benefit your field service operations by improving:

  • Efficiency and Productivity—Acumatica Field Service Management integrates project accounting that equips your field personnel with a complete tool set. It makes collaboration tools available at remote sites so staff can access product manuals, best practices and previous customer histories. All job order details are immediately available. Acumatica provides scheduling, dispatching and call center functions so the time between call receipt and job assignment is minimized.
  • Service Contract/Warranty Management—Acumatica lets your field staff create and manage multiple service schedules for each customer. The cloud ERP supports inventory management, so warranties for customer and/or vendor parts can be effectively managed. You can see which parts are under warranty and even establish warranty offers in the field or at the main office.
  • Department Performance Review—Track the activities and performance of your entire field service team. Details such as sales, purchasing, accounting, finances and inventory can be viewed in real-time using intuitive dashboard analytics. Business-critical information is always available so there are never any uncertainties.
  • Customer Satisfaction—With Acumatica, field technicians can provide the information that customers need. Support case details, financial statements and contract information can be provided instantly. And, you can always see whether your field staff is meeting customers’ expectations
  • Access to Field Service KPIs—Acumatica allows you to set up and monitor many different key performance indicators. Track services revenue and profitability, percentage of jobs delivered on time and budget, average time to resolve and time from completion to invoicing. Overtime hours and customer satisfaction can be tracked from a centralized reporting system as well.

Why Acumatica Field Service Management?

Acumatica integrates ERP, CRM, operations and financial management tools so your field service business can take advantage of industry standard technology. Running on premise or in the cloud, it provides the resources you need, when you need them. You’re not charged per user. To get the right people to customers at the right time, minimize time between calls, improve emergency response times and keep all staff members connected, implement Acumatica Field Service Management.

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