With practical innovation and community-driven features at the forefront of the new Acumatica 2019 R2 release, businesses are powered with the tools to increase productivity and accelerate growth. 

At Acumatica, real users lead enhancements and improvements. Putting to use its active Feedback Site, customers, partners, and developers were able to weigh in on what features they felt needed a refresh, as well as those they felt should be added into coming editions. By assessing comments and suggestions, Acumatica then invited select individuals to take part in Focus Groups. 

This targeted research resulted in the product’s most user-friendly version to date. The release, which went live on September 19, offers over 100 upgrades, enhancements, and cutting-edge features. 

Acumatica 2019 R2 reaches almost every facet of Acumatica’s Cloud ERP. Let’s look at some of the exciting new developments:

Platform and Usability Improvements

Innovative Architecture

The Cloud xRT Platform offers a versatile framework with applications that make working easy. Acumatica built its architecture to run on standard web technologies and with known development languages — both of which enable organizations to redefine business logic while working within the platform, as well as having the option for separate integrated developments.

Thanks to Acumatica’s latest release, users are better connected with mobile text notifications (SMS) sans installations of its mobile app. Other key enhancements include: Improved dashboards with the addition of the Pivot Table widget; simplified contract-based APIs (application program interfaces) that can shoulder an array of detail lines in a single request; and HubSpot integration. 

The UX Factor

It’s no surprise that employees will utilize software that offers an intuitive and easy to learn approach, and this leads to easier adoption within an organization. 

Users will find defined fields on mobile devices; conditional formatting for dashboard table widgets; a one-click company/branch selector; filtering for file management, regardless of table or entry; and last but not least, predefined User Roles for the financial team.

Industry Enhancements

A cloud-based ERP solution can help a company to achieve improved efficiency and increased profit regardless of a company’s focus. Here’s a breakdown of Acumatica 2019 R2 improvements across industries:

Financial Management

A true-cloud solution can reap wonders for financial leaders, who have notoriously found themselves weighed down with data mining and building out outdated spreadsheets.

Today’s finance professionals look forward to support and reconciliation for corporate credit cards; application of payments to specific lines of Accounts Payable receipts; cost accrual of  non-stock items; and easy removal of Accounts Receivable invoices and credit and debit memos.

Learn more about Acumatica Financial Management.

Project Accounting

Project leaders who manage budgets need a full view of all details and processes within a project’s lifetime.

Acumatica’s new release can: Ease budget and document entry; better detail project budget; add two-tier insights for change orders; create forecasts that allow comparisons of costs and incomes with expected, original, and revised budget amounts per fiscal period.

Learn more about Acumatica Project Accounting.

Inventory and Order Management

A company needs full visibility, particularly for headquarters and across its warehouse locations — this is an even larger issue when working across various locations. 

Acumatica 2019 R2’s new rollout includes: Improved prepayment options; altering vendor purchase orders; validation of customer order number on sales orders; totalling non-stock item costs to calculate approximate net income; and advanced picking for the warehouse management system (WMS).


Contractors, homebuilders, subcontractors, specialty contractors, and land developers are looking to increase margins and tighten project control, from estimation to closeout. 

Now, Acumatica offers: Daily field reporting features; retainage tracking that details at the live level on AR Invoices; and enhanced lien waiver capabilities that can help prevent accidental payments to vendors.

Field Service

Connecting headquarters with employees working at client sites can prove challenging without a cloud-based ERP solution that provides view of all employees and projects in real time. 

The latest technology allows for: Definition by user or appointment type; the ability to create service contracts, project schedules, and tasks with default cost codes by service order type; simplified appoint creation with calendar improvements; and enhanced mapping to track technicians. 

Learn more about Acumatica Field Service.


A cloud-based ERP solution provides flexible business processes that can improve quality and eliminate waste. Industry leaders are integrating both financial and CRM modules helping to keep ahead of the competition. 

The new Acumatica release takes that a step forward by: Streamlining multiple change requests via Engineering Change Control (ECC); improving forecasting and exception handling with Material Requirements Planning (MRP); and the addition of outside processing of manufacturing operations by suppliers.

Learn more about Acumatica Manufacturing Edition.

Join us in Chicago for the Acumatica 2019 R2 Launch Event

Donas will be attending the Acumatica 2019 R2 Launch Event in Chicago on October 29 — this is one of 10 such events taking place in various cities across the U.S., while the Acumatica Summit 2020 is slated for the week of January 16-31 in Las Vegas. 

We look forward to helping customers implement this cutting-edge technology. Please consider joining us in the Windy City. 

With a long running history of partnering in software excellence, we look forward to the opportunity to take clients into the future with cutting-edge software technology that delivers results. Contact us to learn more!

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