Here’s your reality check for today: Do you know what’s actually driving the performance of your company? Is it your sales team, your marketing department or your operations? Chances are, it’s “all of the above.” And, these elements of success only work if they engage effectively with customers. In fact, you could argue that customer relationships outweigh all other considerations in business performance. If you don’t have loyal, high-value customers, you don’t really have much of a business, do you? Certainly, your competition would like to get their hands on those customers. So, how do you keep them close? That is in large part a matter of software.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a key component of customer success, but it’s not the only thing. CRM on its own is good for keeping track of customers, but to make a truly valuable, enduring connection with buyers, CRM must inter-operate with other systems in your business. This is where solutions like Acumatica Cloud CRM really shine.

Acumatica CRM is ready to track and build your organization. Agility and smart solutions are already built in. The solution has built a 360-degree view that provides access for everyone on your team to have instant “eyes-on” what each one needs to perform. Interrelated departments have instant, actionable data, bringing success to the next part of the business chain. Customer interactions are recorded. Accurate sales quotes and invoices can be seen by all because the same data is the same for everyone involved.

At Your Service and at Your Fingertips

The Acumatica CRM dashboard makes it possible for all customer and internal activities and records to be available for business lines in the manner they need to see it. Instantly. There is no need to tweak or find workarounds for any instance or special circumstance that used to be handled either by verbal supervisor approval or on a paper sign-off sheet. The CRM grows and bends to suit your business needs. Sales, Marketing, Project Management, IT and other departments can have designated dashboards. No need to wait days for answers needed on the spot.

Let Your Customers Help Themselves… and You

Acumatica CRM enables you to set up an easy-to-use self-service portal, a 24/7 communication tool for customer convenience. This approach to customer engagement definitely makes sense today, with so many people working at odd hours, in a myriad of places on different devices. Your customers will be able to effortlessly communicate with your company, see where they stand regarding orders, invoices and payments. They can access the latest updates on case and financial data.

Getting Paid

The Quote-to-Cash process available in Acumatica CRM keeps cash flowing. When your ERP and CRM are connected and part of the same system, your team can instantly share accurate sales orders and get notifications for invoices. This is built into the system. No human permissions are necessary. The ERP and CRM Cloud platform simplifies contracts, negotiations and multiple quotes for single or multiple projects. You will get paid faster, sometimes instantly.

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Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, is central to strategic and optimized management of customer information.  Register now to watch a demo of Acumatica CRM, which includes standard CRM functionality for managing leads, contacts, opportunities, and more. In addition, post-sales service and customer portals help improve the total customer experience. Watch now: Acumatica CRM Demo.

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