Acumatica, maker of the cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software we have implemented for scores of clients, has published an informative infographic on the subject “Expand Your Business with New Field Services.” The infographic lays out some compelling arguments for using field service to increase revenue while improving customer relationships. It starts by asking a really good question: “Why does your business exist?”

Indeed, any serious business decision should be preceded by that question. What are you trying to achieve? Why did you get out of bed this morning? This may seem like a deep and overly ponderous way to contemplate field service. However, Acumatica understands that a strong field service program can be transformative in building a better brand and establishing long-term, profitable trust-based relationships with customers.

The Infographic

The infographic starts with the theme of revenue growth, particularly how challenging it can be to achieve. It highlights how field service offers a growth avenue for service businesses, distributors, construction companies, property managers and manufacturers. These companies already know their customers. So, they’re in a good position to develop profitable add-on businesses through field service.

For example, a business could offer service contracts for equipment it has sold, spare parts delivery, overhauls and preventive maintenance. These are revenue streams that occur after the sale of the product. If your relationship with the customer ends with the delivery of a product, you may be limiting your revenue upside. Worse yet, you might be giving the next sales opportunity to a competitor who is able to service the product you sold.

The infographic emphasizes mobility. This is an absolute requirement today. Acumatica enables field service technicians and their managers—along with any other relevant stakeholder—to be engaged in field service management on any device. With Acumatica, the field service department is linked to a single system for business management. This includes Customer Relationship Management (CRM), accounting and finance, document management, manufacturing, logistics and more.

Acumatica Field Service Management Software

Acumatica Field Service Management software, which is available on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) basis, provides a real-time view of customer activities across all business operations. It achieves this by integrating field service operations with back office functionality. The software enables you to realize the objective of making field service a new profit center:

  • Scheduling the appropriate technician to be on-time and properly equipped for the work
  • Minimizing time between calls through optimized routing
  • Keeping everyone engaged and informed
  • Responding to emergencies and unplanned events with relative ease

Making Field Service a Part of Your Business

Acquiring a field service management software package will not automatically create a field service business. It’s a start, but achieving success involves thinking through a wide range of details and challenges. It’s a process of planning and execution, with people, process and technology playing roles in the way it all turns out.

We can help. We’ve worked with many companies on the development and execution of field service management programs using Acumatica. If you want to learn more, or see how Acumatica Field Service Management software can help your business, contact us for a free consultation and solution demo.

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