The past 18 months has proven that even with something as disruptive and frightening as the COVID-19 pandemic, agile businesses are able to meet the challenge of change. Not that it’s easy. Wholesale distributors and their channel partners need to keep things moving, no matter what. They’ve had to focus on minimizing costs and keeping the supply chain flexible. Making the right moves means having the data to make good decisions—and then have the technology to execute on those decisions quickly.

Technology has kept up, luckily. There are now solutions that enable you to make better decisions in your distribution business, whether you have one warehouse or many, A new generation of cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions contain functionality designed specifically for distribution businesses. They offer supply chain management that provides smooth operations even with external crises affecting orders, logistics, sourcing, inventory management, invoicing and payments.

If Not Now…

Many midmarket wholesale distributors have struggled with staying profitable in recent times. To compound the problem, they are often burdened with legacy accounting software that includes bolt-ons to fill in functional gaps in the original software. Decision-makers need a better way to get the information they need. Solutions like Acumatica are the answer.

They automate the supply chain workflow and track everything from customer support, purchasing, fulfillment, tracking and warehouse management. They save time and money in the process. The software is designed to facilitate receiving, order fulfillment and inventory management. Your company will experience measurable cost savings with mobile devices and barcode scanners, all resulting in customer satisfaction and reduced costs.

It Fits Your Business

Acumatica connects all the pieces of your distribution business in a unified system—sized right for a midsized company. The solution is a strong fit for companies that want to keep things simple with an automated system that offers easy implementation and minimal strain on the IT department. The single platform manages sales, orders, financials, inventory and purchasing. Everyone who needs access to relevant data can be given permissions from operations and IT. Every department can sees its relevant data, such as order statuses, in real time view.

The Pieces Fit Together for an Easier and More Profitable Future

Companies that are growing will benefit from this very important tool for connectivity, oversight and communications. Furthermore, automated ERP cloud software can “go live” without the hassle of installing code. Users can access data anywhere, at any time, on any device. Cloud ERP software for distribution also connects sales and purchase order management. You’ll have access for advanced inventory for distribution. Requisition management software eliminates paperwork. Distribution-ready financials streamline accounting and eliminate the domino effect of human errors. Warehouse Management Software (WMS) gives you every necessary tool for advanced warehouse functionality.  

All of these features and integrations translate into a powerful overall data reporting capability. Managers can view far-flung distribution operations and related areas of the business in the present. This facilitates better decision making and more profitable management.

Learn Why Successful Wholesale Distributors Choose Acumatica

Until recently, choosing an ERP for distributors was a frustrating task. The most powerful platforms were too expensive—and frankly, offered too much functionality—to be a good fit for a midsized distributor. So most companies did the only thing they could: integrate specialized applications with their entry-level or legacy accounting systems and hope for the best.

Times have changed. Cloud ERP provides all of the business functionality you need in a single, cohesive platform. Best of all, you can go live without a lengthy implementation—and without taking on a huge software maintenance burden. Get the full story in a new eBook from Acumatica.

In this eBook, you’ll discover how to:

  • Manage sales, inventory, purchasing, projects, and financials on a single platform.
  • Connect and mobilize your distribution operations.
  • Go live without installing code—and minimize your IT costs.
  • Ensure your ERP platform can keep up with changes in your business.
  • “Wow” your customers by providing amazing service.

Click here to download now.

Realizing the full growth benefits of cloud ERP software requires analysis, planning and strong execution. We can help. We have worked with many distribution businesses on the implementation of cloud ERP software. To learn more, watch our Acumatica Distribution Edition demo with or contact us.

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