Acumatica has just released Acumatica 2021 R2, the second semi-annual update to its cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software this year. 2021 R2 does not disappoint. The new version of Acumatica has added a number of important advances, coupled with a focus on new personalization options and updates for industry editions and core business process functions. As the cloud ERP business gets more competitive, Acumatica 2021 R2 is showing how Acumatica stays in the lead.

Acumatica’s platform is managed and developed by engineers with an eye toward future digital growth possibilities. The team comes through with innovation and attention to detail—differentiating Acumatica 2021 R2 from other solutions on the market. Customization and unique configuration options enable users to tailor an already robust and agile software platform to their organizations’ needs.

R2 is also cost-effective, designed to save person-hours. There is a new, consolidated tool bar that makes it easier to locate reports and actions, for example. The new version offers more efficiency by allowing users to automate workflows without programming.

Or, consider how Acumatica 2021 R2 offers the ability to manage data changes “on the fly,” with the option to create tasks from business events and client appointments. The Acumatica ERP cloud platform automates administrative tasks from the field, with the ability to trigger notifications to all key players when there is measurable action regarding a product or process.

Other highlights of Acumatica 2021 R2 include:

  • Integration with Microsoft Teams and Adobe Document Cloud—Acumatica users are now able to access features of Teams, such as collaboration and communication, without the need to switch between the platforms. 2021 R2 is just as friendly for users of Adobe Document Cloud. Within Acumatica, customers can use the integration from Adobe to comment or highlight updated information into PDFs. Document versions can be saved and tracked with an audit trail.
  • Better financials, CRM, and payroll—With 2021 R2, users get enhanced management visibility with Acumatica’s Operational and Employee Payroll dashboards. The new edition simplifies reconciliation when matching bank transactions to multiple receipts and disbursements. It also improves financial visibility and accuracy with enhanced Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable (AP/AR) balance reporting.
  • New features for distribution and commerce—2021 R2 enables customers to personalize support for holidays, inclusive of the potential for gift wrapping and other special options. Users can also get better at on-time order fulfillment and fill rates with new item substitution features. For the warehouse, 2021 R2 allows for greater efficiency through paperless directed picking and stocking level optimization.
  • Updated construction and field service editions—Like earlier R1 and R2 releases, 2021 R2 contains updates for Acumatica’s industry vertical editions. Users get the ability to correct data entry errors with new project reclassification feature. Construction companies can review and assess their performance relative to industry peers with a new integration with the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA) Benchmarker. Manufacturers get better Quality Control (QC), with traceability of raw materials and components to finished goods for with Pre-assigned Lot/Serial. They can visualize production schedules and view timelines for resource allocations, material constraints and customer commitments.

As with every “R” update in Acumatica, there is much to be excited about. It can also be a bit confusing, but we can help explain how the platform works and how each new feature in 2021 R2 can benefit your business. Contact us for an informative demo and dialogue.